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02/12/2021 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

CJ’s Tacos is a Knoxville favorite, their food truck sells tacos with only the freshest local ingredients. CJ’S won Best Food Truck in @cityview magazine’s Best of the Best 2020.

"We want you to feel at home when you’re ordering CJ’s Tacos. Customer service is our number 1 priority! With that being said, it’s also the unique way we prepare our tortillas. At CJ’s Tacos, we use nothing but gluten-free white or yellow corn tortillas. We prepare them by pan-frying the shells in about a half inch of corn oil until they get a nice golden crust. This makes a crisp outer layer, while still retaining softness when you bite into it. The taco will never break or crumble on you like the standard hard shell taco. We like to say our shells are the perfect middle ground between hard and soft shell. The absolute best of both worlds!" So come on into 35 North a grab yourself a taco or two.