The Best Destination To Experience

At 35 North we aim to completely reinvent
the food truck Experience

by creating a gathering place unlike any other where families and friends can enjoy an endless variety of culinary options created and inspired by the best local chefs on wheels paired with an extensive selection of homegrown craft brews, wines on tap, and rarified whiskeys and bourbons

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May 3
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    11:00 am-10:00 pm

    “Cuisine for the entire family” All of our meat is stoked on smoke, and prepared to real perfection! Born in Colorado, raised in Tucson, Arizona (home of the Original Mexican-Hamburger) and now, we bring the BR to Knoxville & Farragut!! You’ll see when you try it, it’s what a hamburger would be, if it were Mexican!! We’re proud to be the folks that bring you the Cheeseburger & Burrito, together, at last! A marriage made in-Heaven, enjoyed here on Earth, and found for your savoring at 35 North. So come on down, as we look forward to serving you… THE One & Only, BurgerRito! Made to your liking.

    Orale Mexican

    11:00 am-3:00 pm

    We offer the freshest, most authentic Mexican cuisine around…whether you want tacos,
    burritos, quesadillas, gorditas and sopes’, we’ve got them all. And we’ve been told more than a few times that…. “We make the best Tacos in Knoxville!” Come on in, we look forward to
    serving you at 35 North!

    Crazy Cubanos

    4:00 pm-10:00 pm

    We are authentic cuban cuisine and everything in between. We prepare an ever-changing variety of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines. Why not enjoy it with us Crazy Cubans and all of your friends at 35 North – Farragut? Next time you’re in, sneak a peek at our menu, we’re sure you’ll find something crazy-good to enjoy, and don’t forget to order your mojito and “Cuba-Libre!!”  (…and coming soon to 35 North… the COQUITO!). We hope to be serving you at 35 North real soon!