• lighten up shelfs filled with spirit bottles
  • restaurant building exterior with a front lawn

35 North

About us

35 North is built on our passion for bringing people together. Through delicious food, the best local Knoxville brews, and a location that's enjoyable for everyone (even your pooch), occasions of all kinds can be enjoyed at 35 North.

At 35 North we took our passion to heart and created a truly unique environment, perfect for you and your family, or you and all your friends. With three individual bays, flanked by a signature round bar and an indoor-outdoor courtyard (which features amphitheater-seating) and a large, wood-burning fireplace, it is a truly unique Farragut restaurant. 35 North beckons to those who want to refresh their dining experience, whether it's lunch, dinner, date night, or an evening out! It is your destination.

We provide a variety of food options, inspired and prepared by some of the area's best local chefs, so we have something for just about everyone! Complimenting the food, we provide an extensive selection of craft beers and wines, all of which are carefully selected and paired in order to help elevate the taste experience. We also offer some of the finest whiskies and bourbons, for those who have a real taste for adventure. So, we invite you to come on in and enjoy yourself! Bring your family, your friends, and... your appetite!